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“We choose to go to the Moon.”  When President John F. Kennedy said this in 1961 about the lunar Apollo Program, he made an impossible challenge sound possible.

Today, we harness that same great ambition with The Apollo Program for Biodefense. Our mission now is to defend our communities against any biological threats—natural or human-generated—empower public health, and prevent future pandemics.

In April 2022, the Commission issued The Athena Agenda: Advancing The Apollo Program for Biodefense, which contains specific recommendations to Congress and the Administration about how to implement this grand vision within a decade. Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, reason, and strategy, Athena symbolizes and represents the insight, strategy, and technological craft needed to achieve the Apollo Program for Biodefense.

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Mission Critical: Why Now?

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a wake-up call. Extensive research supports what we all witnessed firsthand: Biological threats hold the power to devastate our way of life. The question is no longer if, but when will we confront another biological event, whether natural, accidental, or deliberate. Our country must be prepared now and on all fronts.

By pairing modern science and technology with recommendations outlined by The Apollo Program for Biodefense, we can identify future threats and clear a path forward.

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Future of Biological Threats

The world can no longer assume a devastating biological event like the COVID-19 pandemic is a rare occurrence.

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Path Forward

The public and private sectors must work together in an unprecedented way to achieve the goals set by The Apollo Program for Biodefense.

Ending pandemics is more achievable today than landing on the Moon was in 1961.

– The Apollo Program for Biodefense report, January 2021
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